Best Lube for Sex Toys

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Lubes are a must when you are planning for some exciting fun with adult toys for couples. You need to lubricate not only your nether regions but your sex toys as well. Most of the sex toys have to be inserted inside the body. Smooth lubrication helps to create an easy pathway for the toy to easily glide inside your body. You will need the lube while taking the toy out of your body as well. Now, there is no dearth of lubes in the market but not all would be equally compatible for sex toys, especially for hotel butt plugs which are dependent on the material it is made up of.

But no worries- here is a brief on how to choose the best lube for sex toys.

Know about the 3 major types

Lubrications for passion play are mostly available in 3 variations- water based, oil based and silicone based. The water-based one is the safest of all. Whether you wish to use the lube for smooth sex or for a thrilling session with sex toys- this one is cool for all. However, if you are planning some toy-play under shower, water-based lubes are not exactly your best choice.

Silicone-based options will be great underwater toy-play and sex. However, you cannot use the silicone option if your toy is made from, silicone. Moreover, silicone lubes are extremely long-lasting and a pain to wipe out.

The oil-based ones are especially good for masturbation with penis. However, they are bad for latex condoms. Most importantly, you must not use oil lubes on vagina. Thus, if you are planning to lube up any sex toy and use it near vagina, look beyond oil-based lubes.

Test on toys


Do not ever bring a lubed toy near your body if you are not sure about the toy-lube compatibility. It’s advised to get a sample test on the toys before you actually start to use the lube. It will be better to get a small pack first. Pour a little amount on your toy and wait to see their reaction. If everything is fine, you can very well use the lube for your sex toy. But if you see any abnormal reaction, it’s better not to use the lube for your toy.

However, if you don’t want to get into all such hassles, simply go for water-based lubes. As mentioned earlier, these are safest of all and are compatible with all kinds of sex toys- regardless of their material.

Go for organic lubes

After you lube up the toy, you are going to use it inside the body. And when it is something that goes inside the body, it’s better to count on organic options. The natural options assure no side effects and hence are always a safe bet. You must check the product label and packaging before buying a lube. If the manufacturer is conscious about eco-friendly practices, he will clearly mention it on the package. These organic lubes are also perfect for wearing cock cages for porn addicts and urethral sounds for hot women.

Discrete packaging

You certainly don’t want your Aunt Martha to find out that you have just bought a new lube.  Thus, it’s smarter to look for models that come with discrete packaging. It’s not like those yoni eggs for health which can be seen by many without being awkward about it.

Don’t forget the reviews

Last but not the least, you should always check reviews and ratings before buying a lube- be it for your body or for your sex toy. The online world is bustling with reviews and ratings on various lubes available in the market today. Just go and check them and also see what the previous users had to say. The one you take to should be from a highly reputed brand backed by a long line of happy customers. Finally, try to take to a time-tested model and avoid the most recently released ones.