Getting Comfortable With Urethral Sound

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The use of dilators is used in the medical world to eliminate blockages in the urethra. However, as you understand, it is also used for erotic games. Whether it is safe for your games depends on your knowledge and use. We will therefore do our best to give you good information.

Your urethra can be damaged if used incorrectly, so be careful. The urethra makes a turn just before you reach the prostate and most accidents happen here. To go beyond this turn, expertise and experience is needed. If you do not have these, do not do it either. You will feel it when you reach this bend. And do you occasionally play games in this area, and then do not go any further. Even though you feel that you want to stretch your limits.

One of the most common mistakes is to buy a dilator set and start with a too small dilator. This can stick in your urethra and cause damage. Do not wear a butt plug when using dilators or penis sticks. Because the butt plug provides extra pressure on the prostate.

Most plugs will not stay in your urethra on their own, so do not expect that you can just stand up and walk around with it. If you want to do these then choose something with an acorn ring and you need to know what is urethral sound?

If it is your first time, start slowly!

If you start carefully and start slowly, your first sounding experiment should be easy. Remember that you use enough lubricant and relax. Take the time to discover this new world of stimulation. When you start, make sure your penis is weak and apply a lot of sterile lubricant to the opening of the penis.

Keep your penis at a 90-degree angle to your body, make sure you lie on your back, and let the dilator or plug slide in slowly. Let the weight and gravity slowly push the dilator or plug into your penis. It is more that you do your penis around the dilator than you insert the dilator into the penis. Probably the plug will slowly turn if it is more than 10 cm.

Once the plug or sound is in and you feel comfortable with the feeling, experiment with slow stroking of the penis. Some men just find it fun to gently take the dilator in and out. Now with this fantastic new stimulation you are ready to let that orgasm through your body. Here are some things to think about. If you use a hollow plug, your sperm will just come out. However, if you use a dilator sound or a dense plug, we recommend removing it carefully before coming to avoid an internal orgasm.

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The diameter of a plug

Diameter of your penis plug: One of the important things with a penis plug is the diameter. In general, 8-10 mm is average. When you first start buying a solid plug of 6-7 mm or smaller, the smaller the better to get used to the feeling.

Length of your penis plug:

The average length of a penis plug is between 40 and 70 mm, the length can be a lot longer, but we advise not to start with it.

What does a penis plug hold in place?

The shoulders: It is known that sometimes the plug remains hard in place; it is on the urethra which certainly has a tendency for beginners to push out the plug. To help with this, the last part is often somewhat thinner to help counter this. The urethra then clamps around the thicker part, the shoulders.

Glands rings: The other way around this is to buy a penis plug with an glands ring. As the name glands ring says, it is a ring that is pushed behind the head. This glands ring is attached to the plug and helps him to stay in place. It also gives some extra pressure on the urethra so everything stays better. You could also experiment with a loose glands ring in combination with a plug

What makes the plug not go too deep?

This is an important part of the design. Often the plug has a flat section at the top which ensures that the plug cannot shoot into the penis. There is also chosen for a ball with some designs that has the same effect. Also, an umbrella shape is used at the end. All have the purpose that the plug cannot shoot into the penis or that you push it too far.

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