Getting to Know Ben Wa Ball’s Amazing Benefits

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Vibrating Ben Wa balls are two balls whose weight and size can vary (3.5 to 5 cm). Linked together by a string, they fit entirely into the vagina. Practical, useful and discreet for toning the pelvic floor muscles, they are essential allies of well-being for women. The beneficial effects of these sextoys are multiple for strengthening the perineum after delivery or for sensations in sex. They make it possible to tone the pelvic floor, to increase the sensations, to increase the natural lubrication of the vagina, to prevent the risks of incontinence and prolapse. Before using them, one must first study their coating, because there are different types, those that are smooth glass, metal, with reliefs or silicone. The silicone gadgets are intended for novices because this material is slightly malleable and pleasant for the mucous membranes.

Choose the Balls of Ben Wa According to their Size and Weight

Women whose perineum is distended after one or more deliveries or menopause must use a standard diameter ball, about 35 mm and low weight, between 24 and 30 g, to re-master it. Those who suffer from regular urinary leakage when they sneeze or cough must do the same. Rehabilitation will continue with a slightly heavier accessory, between 48 and 100 g, and so on. Turn to the boxes for a long-term and effective training. The sex toys of 40 to 85 g are adapted to the mothers who wish to maintain their perineum or which have small leaks or perinea heaviness.

Women under 30 or who have never had a child or who have a narrow pelvis should opt for smaller smart balls, 30 mm in diameter. However they must, according to their needs, start with a single ball of a low weight then evolve slowly towards a heavier weight.

Those who do not have perinea dysfunctions but who wish to tone their pelvic floor can start bodybuilding with 1 or 2 balls of at least 50 g. They can use that 85 to 136 g in order to improve the quality of sexual intercourse.

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The Different Types

The acquisition of these accessories requires a preliminary study of the different types. It is essential to know how to distinguish them because they have a wide variety. The vibrators are, as its name suggests, an accessory that creates intense vibrations, which increases the sensations. Manipulated using a remote control or Smartphone, they do not require any systematic movement before operating. These instruments should simply be introduced into the vagina to benefit from their benefits.

Easy to handle, simple Ben Wa balls are the most suitable for all women. Their use can be done by experts as well as beginners. The main purpose of these objects is to firm the tendons of the pelvic floor. They are also very effective in performing their duties. Operating directly on the ligaments of the vagina, these gadgets provide extreme sensations of pleasure in a defined period of time.

The doubles, different from the previous one, are sophisticated instruments, that is to say more stimulating and powerful in their functionalities. Once inserted into the vagina, they gain volume, which generates enormous sexual satisfaction.

Those with wire are joined by a branch or a silicone cord. They do not stand out from each other. They can be pushed together in the vagina. Wireless models should be used by experienced women as they require a robust perineum and are already used to such practices.

The Ben Wa balls are now a great success following the publication of the famous bestseller “50 Nuances de Gray”. But well beyond the “naughty” aspect, they can be used in pelvic and perinea rehabilitation because it is now proven that they allow the muscles of the perineum to regain tonicity and strength. They have been used for this purpose for a long time.

Ben Wa balls, what is it?

The Ben Wa balls are composed of one or two balls of varying sizes (3.5 to 5 cm) which when they are 2 are connected to each other. At the end a cord allows to remove them as a buffer. They fit completely inside the vagina leaving the cord protruding outside.

The beneficial effects of Ben Wa balls

The beneficial effects are multiple whether it is from the point of view of the sensations in the sexual relations or for the reinforcement of the perineum after a delivery, to avoid the urinary leaks, or to have more confidence in oneself the perineum is the base of the trunk and impacts self-confidence. The Ben Wa balls will:

Toning the perineum: †Perinea bio-feedback is a reflex muscular movement of the perineum that will retain the balls by contracting: The repetition of the contractions will allow a development of the musculature as well as a firming. The impact of the number of balls and the weight of these is important.

Increase sensations: the firming of the pelvic musculature will generate an inflow of blood during the exercises, but also allow a better vascularization of the vaginal muscles. A better feeling is more emotional subtlety and more control and freedom of movement to explore other sensations.

Prevent the risk of incontinence and prolapse: By solidifying the pelvic floor, the balls of Ben Wa fight against small urinary leakage but also female incontinence and by fortifying the whole perineum, we avoid or slow down the prolapse (organ descents). This allows to delay surgery or even to no longer need it.

Increase natural lubrication: The balls by their friction and the solicitation of the vagina will stimulate the secretion of mucus and therefore natural lubricant. It cause less drought daily or during intercourse.

How to use the Ben Wa balls?

Preparation: Before using for the first time, wash your Ben Wa balls with warm water and soap or with a cleaning gel specified for silicone. Empty your bladder to ensure the effectiveness of the device and enjoyable use.

Insert the Ben Wa balls

  • Lubricate the balls with water or a lubricant based on water or oil.
  • Place the balls in contact with the vulva and wait a moment to “get to know”, do not force.
  • Insert the ball or balls one after the other without forcing, possibly turning slightly
  • To facilitate a natural placement we advise you to make slight perinea contractions upwards. Position the balls as high as possible in the vagina, gently and that is comfortable.

If you have difficulty inserting Ben Wa balls into your vagina, do not insist and try again later. Remember to leave the extraction cord outside of your vagina.


Once the Ben Wa balls are inserted into your vagina, you can use them in two ways:

Active use: practice Kegel exercises designed to accentuate the work of the perineum and thus accentuate its musculature.

Passive use: do your usual activities, actively but not brutally like walking, cleaning, going shopping you have to be in motion.

Ben Wa balls can be worn daily, with sessions ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. It should be noted that if the wearing of Ben Wa balls is uncomfortable or painful, stop use. Indeed, used for too long Ben Wa balls can produce the opposite of the desired effect, namely a depletion of the perinea muscles, or hypertonic.

Remove the Ben Wa balls

Relax, gently pull the pull cord. It is important to combine the muscle relaxation of the perineum and the use of the extraction cord.

After use: Clean them carefully for next use. Store them in a clean, dry place away from dust.

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