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Every website needs rich multimedia content. But, where do all those images come from? If you have article writing and photography skills and enjoy taking pictures, consider joining our team.

We are always searching for relevant, high-quality photos and contents. What can you specialize in to set you apart? The first thing that comes to our mind is flat lay photos with a feminine touch. You could even offer us a custom branded pictures for an additional fee.

But, candid pictures of prostitutes aren’t the only option. You could specialize in stock pictures of:

• Life with special needs
• Sex toys
• Making love
• Sexually suggestive SFW photos
• Food
• City scenes
• Transportation
• Beach sunrises

Brainstorm what you have access to, and what types of blogs don’t have the best images available. Look for a need that you can fill, and then start taking pictures. Consider offering a set of five images as a freebie to give us a sense of your work and style. Just make sure your terms and conditions are spelled out clearly.

Send your files to