Yoni Eggs Are Your Way To A More Explosive Orgasm

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The pelvic floor is not exactly a sexy word. But these three layers of muscle and connective tissue in the lower abdomen have a lot to do with a fulfilling sex life. All women have it, but not everyone is aware of it.

This sex is much more intense with a well-trained pelvic floor. If you are excited, the blood circulation in the pelvic floor increases, which automatically causes more pleasure. In addition, women can consciously use their pelvic floor. For example, they can tense and release it, changing the vagina’s distance to the penis and pushing the erogenous points even closer to the man.

The stupid thing is that over the years the pelvic floor loses its elasticity. But so-called love balls help that that does not happen. This toy consists of one or two connected balls that are inserted into the vagina. Important: do not forget lubricant (water based.). Now you can just start walking and do normal things in everyday life. The love balls have small weights inside, which train the pelvic floor. And do not worry, they do not strum loudly. For the Yoni egg healing this is the very best.

Of course, it is even more effective if you train with the love balls in a targeted manner. And we have already put together the right pelvic floor training for you.

How do you use love balls?î So many women have already asked this question. The lustful balls have a long tradition. As ran-no-tama, they have been used by women in Japan for centuries to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, There, the question “How do you use love balls?” Does not arise, because mostly young women are already familiarized with the use. But the lust balls are also enrichment for Western women. Today’s models usually consist of two hollow plastic balls, which are connected by a short string, and each inside contain a small metal ball. The gentle vibrations of the metal balls train the vaginal muscles. This allows for more intense orgasms and the man also benefits from a woman who can consciously use her pelvic floor muscles.

How to use love balls properly?

To be effective, the balls should be used regularly, at least twice a week. For this, the woman must be on the move, otherwise there will be no training. The possibilities are numerous: while jogging, swimming, dancing, in the office or on the road in the city. For a start, it is best to try shorter times, for example 15 minutes twice a day and then gradually increases. The love ball application should not be exaggerated if unpleasant sore muscles should be avoided. In principle, woman can wear the balls all day long. However, if a sore muscle, she knows that was too much of a good thing. So start slowly and then increase at will. The decisive factor is not the duration, but the regularity of use.

So, how do you use love balls? This is very simple: it works like inserting a tampon. Like this, most models have a return thread. It is helpful to spend a lot of time the first time and to create a loving atmosphere, for example to tune in with your favorite music or a warm bath. To insert the love balls, it is best to squat and, if necessary, use a little water-based lubricant. For the sake of your own health, biological, herbal lubricants are best, available on the Internet, at some health food stores and at most erotic shops. With relaxation and possibly some lubricant, it should not be a problem to introduce the balls. As soon as you sit well – that’s what women notice that they are no longer felt – nothing stands in the way of pleasure. The love balls literally make you go through the day in a lively way.

What can one expect from the use?

The stimulation is very gentle – orgasms are not expected. However, it is a nice feeling to carry such a little secret, it is relaxing and soothing. The most intense stimulation is probably to go dancing. Especially recommended is salsa, an already very passionate dance. When one’s own partner is initiated, it can be a very stimulating foreplay. With every movement the woman is reminded of the love balls by the vibrations and he may see the delight in her face. So the two can be happy for the whole evening.

The removal of pleasure balls after use is also quite simple: either pull out the balls with the retrieval thread, or push them out using the pelvic floor muscles. The latter requires some practice and skill, but is a good additional training of the vaginal muscles. It’s worth a try. Also a hygienic handling is part of the topic, how to use love balls. After use, clean the balls with a mild soap and plenty of warm water.

Conclusion to love balls

In summary, Love Balls are not really comparable to other sex toys because they are not intended for use during lovemaking and light vibrations do not trigger excessive excitement. Instead, they come during the day for pleasurable training of the pelvic floor muscles used and help indirectly to a more intense sexuality. As the example of salsa dancing shows, with a little imagination, they can certainly be included in the partnership-based lovemaking. “How do you use love balls?î This question was hopefully clarified with this text. Whether with or without a partner, love balls are pleasurable, sensual companions for women of all ages. Also, they are a wonderful gift for the sweetheart that every woman will be happy about. Check out the site wide sale on yoni eggs here.

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No sex toys are more misunderstood than the so-called pleasure, vaginal or loveballs. They are basically no toys at all, but rather small training devices for the pelvic floor muscles. Nevertheless, the small 28 to 230 gram single or double balls can enrich your love life immensely: For a stable pelvic floor promises more intense pleasure experiences – for you as well as for your partner.